15.2.2024: Maja Marušič (National Institute of Chemistry): One, two, three, four: simple additions of nucleic acid strands for complex functional outcomes

11.1.2024: Anton Gradišek (Jozef Stefan Institute): Studies of bees with smart sensors: at the crossroads of biology, physics, and AI

14.12.2023: Žiga Pandur (Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, UL): Understanding bacterial inactivation with cavitation at the single cell level

30.11.2023: Miha Modic (National Institute of Chemistry): Dynamics of ribonucleoprotein assembly in time and space (CANCELLED/POSTPONED)

6.10.2023: Ursa Ursic (MPI of Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics Dresden, Germany): Importance of variation in cytoplasm viscoelasticity throughout embryonic cell division

14.9.2023: Jan Rozman (University of Oxford): Extensile-Contractile Phase Separation in an Active Nematic Vertex Model